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2016 CLASS Scholarship Application is now available!

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Employees of Dobson Telephone Company assist in the McLoud Chamber of Commerce booth during the Blackberry Festival. Dobson is committed to improving the communities we serve through company and employee involvement

Dobson Telephone Company would like to congratulate the 2015 CLASS Scholarship recipients. We encourage all to Continue Learning and Strive for Success in all endeavors. Dobson Telephone Company is proud to support our local schools and encourage seniors to apply for the CLASS Scholarship each year.

The winners are:

Vincent Marino- Choctaw High School 
Conner Hodde-McLoud High School 
Mason Moorman-Leedey High School 
Gentry Meyer-Leedey High School 
Kaylie Springer-Cheyenne High School 
Summer Pennington-Cheyenne High School 
Conner Kirk-Cheyenne High School 
Aspen Cook-Vici High School 
Katelyn Cutsinger-Vici High School 
Austin Ladd-Vici High School


TDD Message Relay for the Deaf

To communicate by telephone between hearing persons and TDD users,
you may call these numbers:

For 24-hour service within
– Dial 711
Voice – 1-800-522-8506
Customer Service – 1-800-676-3777
Corporation Commission Consumer Services Division (TDD) – 1-405-521-3513 

For Emergencies, DIAL 911
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